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Campbell Rooks

Why should you choose a Registered Investment Advisor? A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm offers personalized investment advice and is registered and regulated by either the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) or their state securities regulator. The distinguishing characteristic of a RIA is the Fiduciary Duty which is the legal and professional obligation to put their client’s interests ahead of their own.

Why choose Campbell Rooks? We are an independent, fee-only RIA firm registered with the SEC.  As a fee-only RIA, we are bound by our Fiduciary Duty to put our client’s interests ahead of our own. We do not accept any commissions and do not sell any financial products. We succeed only when you succeed.

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Financial Planning

The first step in our firm’s investment process is developing a written financial plan. Through the financial planning process, we help our clients define their specific financial goals, evaluate their current financial picture, and identify what they need to succeed.

Each individual investor’s story is unique. Let’s start a conversation about your circumstances, and
"Let’s Make a Plan."

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Portfolio Management

A financial plan is an essential step in our investment process, and is the guiding document for crafting our client’s portfolios. The next step in our firm’s investment process is portfolio management. Throughout the process of developing, implementing, and monitoring our client portfolios, we consider three fundamental investment decisions: Asset Allocation, Sector Weighting, and Individual Security Selection.

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Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation is the our most important portfolio decision, and will have the single largest impact on long-term returns. With the appropriate asset allocation, we can balance an investment portfolio’s risk and return characteristics. Including fixed income and real estate in an investment portfolio can significantly raise the cash flow and lower the volatility of an investment portfolio.


Sector Weighting

Sector Weighting is our second most important investment decision. Identifying the best sectors within the equity, fixed income, and real estate market to invest is ultimately more important than picking individual stocks and bonds.


Individual Security Selection

Individual Security Selection is the last decision in our portfolio management process. Even though individual investment decisions have the least impact on a portfolio, many individual investors solely base their investment decisions on adding or subtracting individual stocks to their portfolio.

“Successful investing is a disciplined process, not a hodgepodge collection of the latest investment ideas.” Jim Campbell, CFP®

Jim Campbell, CFP



Diversification is the most important investment principle and has the greatest impact on an investor’s portfolio. Due to the inherent volatility of the market, a long-term allocation including equities, bonds and real estate is necessary.

Cash Flow

A sound investment portfolio starts with cash flow. We believe that a diversified stream of cash in the form of dividends and interest is an essential component in a successful investment portfolio.


Taxes create a significant headwind for investor returns. The lower the cost of taxes on your investment portfolio, the greater the real investment return. We can lower the cost of taxes by including tax-free municipal bonds and Original Issue Discount (OID) preferred stocks in our client’s portfolios.

Each individual investor's story is unique. Let's start a conversation about your investment experience.

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Jim Campbell, CFP

Jim has more than 20 years of experience in the financial planning and investment management industry. He is the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner of Campbell Rooks. Jim graduated from the University of Tennessee with a B.A. in Economics. He is a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner and is a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), the nation’s leading organization of fee-only financial planners.

Jim has had an interest in investments ever since his father started a Wall Street Journal subscription for him in high school. After starting his career at a traditional Wall Street firm, he founded Campbell Asset Management, LLC in 2003. He had a vision of providing personalized financial planning and investment counsel without the conflicts associated with the traditional brokerage firm.

He and his wife Eunice have four children, Avery, Lindsey, Ian, and Nathan and reside on Signal Mountain, Tennessee.

Brad Rooks

Brad began his financial planning career in 2009 at Rooks Wealth Management, LLC, an independent, fee-only registered investment advisory firm. Brad graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Auburn University. He is Series 65 licensed and a member of the Chattanooga Estate Planning Council. In 2015, Rooks Wealth Management merged with Campbell Asset Management to form Campbell Rooks, where he now serves as a principal.

Brad has always had an interest in how money and business works. He started his first business while attending Auburn University, where he purchased, refurbished, and sold repossessed mobile homes for student housing. As a business owner, Brad understands the complexities associated with creating a comprehensive financial plan for his clients. He also assists businesses in the design and implementation of qualified retirement plans such as 401k’s and defined benefit plans.

He and his wife, Jill have two children, twins, Hayden and Hope and live in North Chattanooga. Both Brad and Jill are die-hard “War Eagle!” fans.